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Real Estate Agent Found Slain in 5th Ave. Home

A adult female who helped innovator the hood music scene, influenced the callings of Mary and the Ramones and went on to go known as a existent estate agent to the stars was establish bludgeoned to decease Tuesday nighttime in her flat at 965 Fifth Avenue, the police force said yesterday.

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British Shilling Gruen/

Linda S. Beer Mug on the shutting nighttime of the baseball club CBGB in October 2006.

The victim, Linda S. Stein, 62, was establish shortly before 10:30 p.m. by her girl Mandy and a friend, who called 911. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The building, at the corner of 78th Street, have the security of doormen, lift operators, and surveillance photographic cameras mounted on the pavement canopy and in the lobby, but a newsman establish an unlocked service door on the side street. There were no marks of forced entry at the apartment, nor did anything look to be missing, research workers said.

Ms. Stein's organic structure was establish human face down in the life room in a pool of blood, the police force said. She was wearing a sweatshirt with a hood, which was pulled over her head. Investigators at first believed the hemorrhage could have got resulted from a fall, but when the hoodlum was pulled back, a terrible skull hurt was exposed. Yesterday, the medical examiner's business office ruled the decease a homicide.

Ms. Beer Mug had many disruptive human relationships in her life, but research workers have got not focused on any peculiar people, and did not notice on possible motives, a law enforcement functionary said. Investigators said they thought Ms. Beer Mug was seen alive earlier on Tuesday, and they were trying to find who was with her future that day.

Ms. Beer Mug parlayed her demo concern connexions — including a decades-long friendship with — into a high-profile existent estate career. Her minutes included big-ticket properties in New York, but also ranged to the Occident Seashore and even French Republic and Italy.

The purchasers and Sellers in her trades read like a boldface-names column: bought from , bought from Debra Winger, and bought Ralph Barton Perry Ellis's town house. Other clients included LaToya Jackson, , Virgin Mary Beth Hurt, and , who bought at Trump Tower.

"My clients are my friends," Ms. Beer Mug was affectionate of saying. One of them, Mr. Toilet — whom she met when he was still named Reg Dwight — said in a statement: "I'm absolutely aghast and upset. She's been a friend for over 37 old age and will be greatly missed, She did so much for breast malignant neoplastic disease and was a immense protagonist of my acquired immune deficiency syndrome foundation." Ms. Beer Mug was a breast malignant neoplastic disease survivor.

A fixture at charity galas, gallery gaps and extravagance stores, Ms. Beer Mug developed her ain famous person in existent estate — a community in which agents often eschew the limelight. She was the theoretical account for the cheeky agent portrayed by Sylvia Miles in the movie "Wall Street." In the film, the agent seeks to sell an flat to the yuppie fictional character played by Charlie Sheen.

The girl of a kosher caterer, Ms. Beer Mug was born in Manhattan, grew up in Riverdale and worked first as a fifth-grade teacher. A unsighted day of the month with Jane Seymour Stein, the laminitis of Sire Records, set her life on a new way into the popular music business. After their marriage, the couple worked together.

Sire's performing artists included Madonna, the Talking Heads, the B-52's and the Ramones. Mr. Beer Mug was also credited with creating the Top 100 charts for Billboard. He was unavailable for remark last night.

Ms. Beer Mug was a co-manager of the Ramones as they helped engender hood music and is credited with arranging their discovery public presentations in England. Her co-manager astatine the time, and a longtime friend, Danny Fields, attested to her forceful style. "She had powerful emotions," he said, "and she didn't appreciate being dissed or not having a telephone phone call returned."

A fan as much as a director and promoter, Ms. Beer Mug sporadically joined the Ramones on their route tours. She also joined Mr. Toilet on shopping trips for pelts and jewelry.

The Steins eventually grew apart, and divorced in the late 1970s. A Amour Propre Carnival profile of Ms. Beer Mug later quoted her ex-husband arsenic saying: "Our matrimony for me was like eight old age on a roller coaster, and not always strapped in."

By then Ms. Beer Mug was reinventing herself in existent estate. She started by claiming a finder's fee from the society brokerage house firm Prince Edward Spike Lee Cave when she helped sell the triplex penthouse at the San Remo on Central Park Occident that she and her hubby had shared. Starting as a novice, she quickly established herself at the Cave house and later switched to Prudential Stephen A. Douglas Elliman.

Prudential's president and main executive, Dottie Herman, called the homicide "a awful tragedy" and added, "Linda Beer Mug was the agent to the stars and very loyal to our company, a good friend to all and to me personally." Pam Liebman, president of the Corcoran Group, said, "She was the first agent to do a name for herself in dealing with the famous person elite."

Despite the divorce, the Steins stayed in touch. "They struggle and then they do up," Mr. W. C. Fields said. "It's wish they're married, but they're living separate lives."

Besides Mandy, Ms. Steins is survived by another daughter, Samantha. In addition, there is one grandchild, Mr. W. C. Fields said, Samantha's 3-year-old daughter.

The two ses left Ms. Stein's edifice about a half-hour apart last night, without comment. One broke into crying when newsmen and photographers rushed around her.

A edifice resident, Jane Seymour Holtzman, said, "I felt 1,000 percentage safe here before," but added that he now planned to acquire a security system for his apartment.

Reporting was contributed by Aluminum Baker, Christine Haughney, Daryl Khan, Antony Ramirez and Ben Sisario.

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